Mortgage Banking Services

origination-new Origination

Loan Boarding / Setup
Setting up the loan information in Client System (LOS)

Application Processing
Verifying 1003 for completeness and ensuring documentation provided relating to income, assets, liabilities and description of the property.

Verifying Bank Deposits, Employment and Income of the borrower as per provided in 1003

Pre Underwriting
Collect, organize, and review the required documentation prior to the loan being submitted for underwriting.

Origination Underwriting
Analysis of the loan file to determine if it meets the guidelines established by the investor and renders a credit decision.

Forensic Underwriting
Assessing the risk associated with securities and look for fraud or other issues that could affect the performance of mortgage bank securities.

Preparing closing package based on the agreed terms of the loan by both the borrower and the Lender.

Review of loan terms and issue wiring instruction of the funds to the borrower as per demand raised

  • Pre Funding Audit
  • Post Close Audit
  • Appraisal reviews
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Loan Setup Audit
  • Client Defined Audits
  • Acquisition Due Diligence



Loan Boarding / Setup
Setting up / Entering the loan information in the Client System (SS)

Document Management
Stacking and indexing of documents

Escrow Administration
Performing Tax search and paying instruction for tax and insurance premium based on dues

Cashiering Functions
Applying funds collected from borrower to appropriate accounts and reconciliation

Performing through research on payment disputes, litigation and on other customers queries

Invoice Management
Review vendor invoices and approve/deny the same based on the guidelines

Lien Release
Document review and data entry

Calculating total outstanding debt including delinquent Escrow and ancillary fees/charges.

Pre Foreclosure
Pre-Foreclosure review of Docs, Pay History, Escrow, Litigation, Red Flags, BPO etc.

Foreclosure Package
Prepare and refer FLC package to Attorneys

Foreclosure Management

  • Events/Milestone monitoring and Timeline Management
  • Prepare Reinstatement quote, Payoff figures, Judgment Figures and Bid
  • Review / Filtering Timeline Post Sale
  • Senior Lien Monitoring

Bankruptcy Management

  • BK Notification and Referral
  • Events/Milestone monitoring and Timeline Management
  • Preparing/Coordinating with attorney on POC and MFR
  • Monitoring payments, reviewing Affidavits and Declarations
  • Reconciliation
  • Closing

Charge off reviews
Review and closing the loans whose market values are less than the stated guideline

Senior Lien Monitoring
Monitoring the senior liens for any surplus and submit for changre off as appropriate

MI & Investor Claims
Preparing and filing claim with the MI company or Investor in accordence to the losses incurred


  • Cordination with attorneys and vendors
  • Timeline Management

Property Inspections

  • Order Processing
  • Vendor coordination
  • Invoice Management

Property Preservations

  • Order Processing
  • Vendor coordination
  • Bid Processing
  • Data Entry
  • Invoice Management

Mod File indexing & review
Stacking and Indexing Modification Package and then review them for completeness per the Investor Guidelines before submitting to Underwriter

Mailbox management
Managing the Customer Centric Email Box wherein Borrower will be sending Faxes/Emails related to Loss Mitigation which will then be forwarded to the respective departments

Doc Prep
Preparing LM docs as per guidelines

Trailing Docs
Reviewing for missing documents post Modification Underwriting

Modification Closing
Reviewing documents for the accuracy of the financials after MOD is executed and update the system with the new MOD terms

Short sale closing
Review Docs, update and close the file in the system – Stop Escrow payments, notify Credit reporting agencies, MI Companies, Investor reporting team forward to lien release team

Mediation Package
Collating of Mediation hearing documents and Packaging for the court trials

Investor Reporting & Remittance
Account for all cash activity within the servicing operation and to provide reports and funds to each investor or guarantor regarding activity in their mortgage investments

Bank Reconciliation
Reconciliation of Seller/Servicer Remittance Analysis, review of P&I and Escrow custodial accounts each month and determine if custodial accounts are adequately funded

  • ARM Audit
  • Call Monitoring Audit
  • Foreclosure Audits
  • Bankruptcy Audits
  • LM Audits
  • Client Defined Audits

attorney Services to Attorneys

  • Docs validation processes for new referrals
  • Gathering data and documentation and updating case management system
  • Requesting missing items and follow-up for receipt

Beneficiary reviews and document gathering

  • Reviewing documents received from vendor and comparing against client information per checklist
  • Preparing any necessary documents for client execution
  • Requesting additional information from clients and follow-up for receipt
  • Updating systems with completion events and documents received

NOD reviews

  • Reviewing documents received from clients and validating data to locate certain elements required per checklist
  • Requesting any missing information
  • Updating systems with details per client requirements

First Legal Document Drafting
NOD/NOS doc drafting, sending and recording

Bid receipt

  • Requesting and receiving bid documents from the client
  • Entering data into systems for bids
  • Calculation of fees/costs to add to bids

Service of process reviews

  • Follow-up with vendors for detail information
  • Updating system events and documents into the file


  • Preparing publication documents and coordinating with vendor for legal advertising
  • Updating systems and upload documents

Requesting and receiving data from the lender, analyzing and preparing quotes for legal review

Fees/costs request
Reviewing of charges and updating of client system per their requirements

Document uploads
Providing uploads of documents into client systems based on required deadlines

Title Search
Order & perform Title Search if required

Title Review
Reviewing files for issues, updating system and providing details to the client

Title updates

  • Reviewing of documents for any items changed
  • Escalating issues to Client team for any title defects
  • Updating systems with cleared files

Homeowner’s Association reviews and payoffs

  • Contacting associations for payoff information including w-9s.
  • Communicating with clients to get payment
  • Follow-up on releases of liens

Documents requested and received from abstractors
Making orders with abstract networks and follow up on receiving orders

Invoice Validation & Approval

  • Chasing documents to attach to invoice as proof, validating charges against vendor invoices
  • Taking necessary approvals from Clients on additional fees

  • File set-up and validation
  • Client system updates
  • Local counsel system updates
  • Data entry – missing data from client systems to complete task around; POC, APOC, MFR etc.
  • Document procurement and validation –  Procurement, reconciliation, and validation processes as well as upload into document management platform with accurate indexing.
  • File closing validation
  • Follow-up on outstanding affidavits – outbound calls
  • Outbound calls to Local counsel for  timeline management

settlement Title & settlement

  • Full Search
  • Refinance Search
  • Title Examination
  • Foreclosure Guarantee Search or Title Sale Guarantee
  • Property Report
  • Deed Report (Legal and Vesting)
  • Title Commitment / Policy Typing
  • Curative
  • Data Entry and Image Indexing

  • Scheduling
  • Closing
  • Post Closing and Funding
  • Recording
  • Lien Release
  • Auditing

advisory Advisory Services

  • Business Process Transformation
  • Project Management
  • Operational Excellence
  • Strategic Planning
  • Short Term Management Solutions
  • Process mapping and streamlining