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Post-COVID 19…What does this mean for Property Preservation companies?

  Post-COVID 19…What does this mean for Property Preservation companies? Approximately 2.7 million homeowners are participating in some form of a forbearance plan, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. And, the lion’s share of these mortgages is held by private lending services and not federally-backed lenders, like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, USDA, FHA, etc.…

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Fintech automation

How Automation is shaping up the Fintech Sector

  We are amidst an industrial revolution driven by technologies. The financial sector has been prompt in adapting to automation to improve efficiency, meet compliance needs and improve customer experience. Previously basic back-end tasks, HR, and accounting functions were automated, whereas, the industry is swiftly moving towards more complex initiatives. Farsighted organizations are banking on…

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Property Preservation Support Services: How to choose the right partner to outsource it?

Property preservation can be quite overwhelming for any thriving business. Any company that plans to outsource property preservation support services to keep its core business unfettered is making a wise choice.Overlooking even a minor mistake can carry serious consequences on the company as well as their client. While outsourcing property preservation services, it is important…

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A surge in mortgage originations and its effect on title and settlement services

A surge in mortgage originations and its effect on title and settlement services The mortgage industry encounters its busiest time of this year due to the large volumes of new origination and refinance. Michael Fratantoni, the chief economist of Mortgage Bankers Association, predicts that mortgage lending for new home purchases and refinances together will hit…

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The Mortgage Industry: Current Scenario Global mortgage markets face new challenges in the current pandemic situation. Profitability and liquidity of mortgage lenders are deeply affected by default rates, repayment schedules, and changes in originations, as residential mortgages have more impact on their balance sheet. Mortgage lenders are gradually coming to terms with these tough times…

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The current impacts of the pandemic have subjected many businesses to unforeseen outcomes and the Property Preservation vertical is also not an exception. The virus has wedged the global economy significantly with Field Servicers struggling to strategize effective BCPs. The Property Preservation experts do have definite proficiency in delivering speedy and accurate services even under…

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