At Nexval, career planning is focused on matching an employee’s potential for promotion and individual aspiration with organizational opportunities. To Nexval, career planning is making sure that employees obtain the right skills at the right time. We outline the skills and development necessary for advancing individual careers, while focusing on future needs of the company.


700+ Employees


Multiple Locations


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We take an active role in developing our employees by helping them fulfill their career goals:

NICE is Nexval’s internal educational university that offers learning programs that facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and focused skill enhancement.  NICE provides certifications across a variety of subject areas such as compliance, regulatory and domain knowledge, as well as access to higher education coursework.

PEAC is essential to our larger organizational vision by fostering employee aspirations. With training, development and learning modules that promote workforce skillsets, PEAC paves the way for future expertise.

Hipo is a high-potential employee development program that is tailored for an illustrious group of individuals. This includes people who are the rising stars within an organization. By obtaining clarity, energy, encouragement, and influence, we provide high-potentials with a fast-track for advancement.

Nexskills maps competency of an individual/organization across the entire workforce lifecycle (recruitment, training, evaluation, and progression) for a seamless path to employee achievement and enterprise value creation.

SKILL helps with processing employee applications in an agile manner via social networking. It handles platforms such as LinkedIn, to ensure a skill-focused and intelligent recruitment model.

Spring Board is a Nexval owned career progression initiative that helps professionals by providing feedback and coaching.

IJP Careers is an internal job posting program that provides employees with opportunities to work with their dream team by exploring internal opportunities.

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