Adopt new-age technology-enabled mortgage origination process to ensure agile and flexible services.

Increasing regulatory oversight and record low mortgage rates are forcing lenders to evolve their business processes to handle the volume influx. Owing to the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the overall mortgage origination process can now be associated with three major challenges; customer expectation, cost, and time-to-market. Loan Origination is what makes companies stand out from their competition in the crisis market. In the complexity of the origination process, each interaction point between the borrower and lender offers an opportunity to reduce “friction” and contribute to customer delight. A frictionless process can be achieved either by altering the steps of interaction or by adopting new technologies which enable seamless new business processes. Lenders are now realizing the need to design a banking experience, eliminating the key pain points and obstacles.
Nexval’s origination services ensure streamlined and transformed processes through automation and re-engineering. Nexval’s seamless origination blend results in reducing costs, ensuring high quality, and gaining efficiencies, all on a budget.

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To handle the upcoming volume influx, onboarding and training professionals while dealing with other challenges in the crisis market is a challenge. The best solution is leveraging the right vendor partnerships and investing in technology-based tools to drive efficiencies.
Our scalable and flexible model allows you to pick and choose solutions relevant to your business, helping you convert fixed costs into variable expenses.

Case Study


About the process:
The Document Library is used by multiple teams to search varied document types for conducting further review
The present layout of the Document Library made the navigation and retrieval of documents a tedious and time consuming task leading to non productive utilization of the resources


As a short term solution, Nexval SME’s trained the resources on keyboard shortcuts to browse faster through the library and effectively utilize the keyword search option to track and retrieve the correct document
Transformation Offering: To enhance the customer value quotient, Nexval bolted its DocuChief tool with the Document Library to conduct array scans which can effectively retrieve documents based on predefined logic. The tool was also designed to extract the key piece of information from the retrieved document to ensure faster validation

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Increased productivity level
Reduced human effort
Reduced TAT
Higher accuracy
Reduced QC effort

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