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Nexval’s managed services have gained popularity over the years, as we offer services that exceeds expectation. Get it solved with our efficient, intelligent, error-free and compliant mortgage banking operations.

Nexval has over two decades of experience and deep domain expertise in offshore mortgage outsourcing and human resource outsourcing services.
We offer the perfect staffing solutions as we have process specific experts on board. Our specialists are the perfect fit to drive business goal with accuracy.

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Business Process Transformation




Short Term Management Solutions

Process Mapping and Streamlining

Nexval’s delivery excellence framework is designed to help companies accelerate their transformation journey to achieve their business goals efficiently and effectively.

Nexval’s targeted intervention approach includes key levers across the structure, people, process, controls, technology and analytics to deliver continuous improvement.This is achieved by incorporating the following tools.

5D Transition Methodology
Nexval has developed a robust transition and delivery methodology which has been used in its various BPO engagements.
The distinguishing features of the methodology are:

Robust 5D approach to transition planning ensures all the elements in moving a process to an nearshore/ offshore location are addressed with equal rigor

Well documented risk management process and failure mode effect analysis tracks risks and process failure modes well ahead of time so that they can be mitigated effectively

 Full volumes are only handled at the end of the Ramp – Up period thus addressing the teething problems of the learning curve

Dashboard review plan made by the quality team will enable our customers to monitor the process and close out the gaps in data driven manner

Case Study

About the Process & Issue Description

The Mailbox Management team is responsible for reviewing requests/ queries received in various designated inbox from various parties.
Post Review, the team is required to route the requests to the designated teams to provide resolution.
The process of segregating and allocation required extensive human effort which could have been directed towards important functions.
There was no visibility on the resolution process or the escalation procedure which let to Delays, Non Compliance, and Customer Dissatisfaction.

Nexval Solution

Nexval designed a 2 pronged strategy to seamlessly manage the function.
Self Service Platform
Advanced queue management platform
Self Service platform was designed to provide resolution for most common issues without the need to raise a request.
NexQ was linked with Docuchief to automatically identify and segregate issues raised based on the content and field selection. The system would automatically route all such requests to the concerned departments and keep a log of the resolution timeframe with active triggers to handle escalations.

Value Add delivered to the client

Reduction of assigned FTE’s by 85%
Route TAT optimized by 10%
Timely resolutions increased by ~53%
Escalations reduced by ~62%
Adherence to CFPB compliance

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